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04-29-2004, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Netro
Your post really was sorta useless, and I am not sure why you felt it necessary to start your post with "coming from a guy who wanted to trade Ribs back in December"..What is the point of that, what are you trying to insinuate? Did you go look-up all my old posts to pick on a particular point, which by the way, many would agree with? I just don't understand you. I mean what kind of thoughtful analysis is that. All your post shows is a lack of hockey intellect and analysis. All you do is post with emotion without any insight or knowledge of the game.

What exactly don't you like about Sundstrom's game...analyze his skills, not 1 mistake. Do the same for me some hockey intellect by assessing a players skills.
1- The post is useless? Why bother answering it genius?
2- All of my posts lack of hockey intellect.....What, you did look at ALL of my posts? Like I did for you? And you blame me for doing that?

So, I will resume your hockey analysis.... A player that can play WITHOUT the puck is better than a player that can play WITH the puck? Is it Toe Blake that said, and I quote as I don't want you to think that it is coming from me, the idiot, "The best defense is the offense".....

The Habs selected Mark Napier iso Mike Bossy because Napier was better without the puck......That is only one example. The Flames, it was reported on TSN, had to choose between Steve Begin and Martin S-Louis, they kept the player who was better without the puck.

In conclusion, if I say, when talking about a player, Oh my god, this guy is wonderful without the puck, then I am a genius and an expert. A good analyst, like you. I think I will start doing that. Follow your example.

Next game, scratch Ribs and play Dackell. Move Juneau to the second line as a center. I am wondering why Julien does not do that......He might not be as smart as you.

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