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04-29-2004, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Alexander the Great
Concussions are tricky I mean Breet Lindros got one and could never play hockey again.Im not sure how bad his was but Im guessin the doctors told him one more could seriously damage his brain so he took no chances and retired.It would be awful for that to happen to a guy like Roenick who plays hard every night
Brett had more concussions that was ever diagnosed. Research and treatment on head injuries really was in it's infancy when Brett began to have problems. The wisdom of the past dictated that players could play through concussions, so when somebody just got their "bell rung" the medical staff would just throw them back out there.

Medical researchers are discovering that the brain tissue is actually incredibly resiliant, but people who sustain brain injuries need time to heal. Much of Brett's troubles had to do with the fact that he was put right back on the ice the next night, and what would happen is that the bruise on his brain wouldn't heal, and it would just get hit again, and again, and again, causing compounding tramua.

Imagine if you had a bruise on your leg from a puck, and every game you got another puck in that same exact area. The bruise would never heal, and some of the tissue would begin to die. Brain injuries work in a very similar way.

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