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04-29-2004, 12:22 PM
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Thanks...I also heard about the Plateau being nice, however is kinda expensive and also lots of yuppies living there?
The prices are inflated there for sure, but compared to Vancouver it'll still seem cheaper I think.

Are there a lot of yuppies? I suppose, but there's still a sizeable group of students living there too. The area is on the upswing in terms of the wealth there though, so it's definitely nicer and more affluent than it used to be. If that means yuppies and snobbish, then that's what it means.

That sort of thing is really an individual perspective, and depends entirely on what you're looking for (also matters if you want to rent or buy).

Ultimately the Plateau has a lot to offer - parks, clubs, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Think: St. Laurent and St. Denis -- two streets people who visit Montreal or who are familiar with the city typically recognize.

North of the Plateau is where people who find the Plateau itself too expensive are going though. It's a bit further from the downtown core of course, which makes it cheaper.

There's also a nice area near the Atwater Market. Mostly for purchasing a condo though, but it's picking up considerably. It's just a shade west / southwest of the downtown core. Really there's tons of places to live in Montreal.


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