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04-29-2004, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
what about ortmeyer? i guess your future predictions of ortmeyer should be thrown out the window.
The fact that I said that unless Jed develops more of an offensive game, he will never be more than a 4th liner is legit. I doubt that qualifies as going "crazy".

"your faint praise of pock is laughable."

My faint praise of Pock? Dude, you got to wipe the crap from your glasses and read thing w/o a predetermined bias. Go reread all that I wrote on Pock. If my dislcaimer that one cannot go too nuts and pencil him in on the top pair after playing only a handfull of games in the league is the thing that makes it laughable, the only joke here is your choosing to go after that particular comment. But go ahead and make useless efforts to find something that is even close to a slam on Pock by me. Report back when you find it. I'll bet that we'll be waiting for quite a while.

"I saw a lot of falardeau this past season and he shut down every single line that he went up against he is never going to be a superstar but he will be an important cog for an NHL team someday."

I'm glad that you have such a high opinion of him. Sure that you are not taking this view just becuase of me? IF Falardeua ever makes it to the NHL, it will be a miracle.

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