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03-10-2008, 11:50 AM
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So here's my neck guard story.

We went and played a tournament last weekend and neckguards are not mandetory, but I wear one "just in case."

Well I drove to the net and ended up at the bottom of a scrum. I kept trying to break free and their goalie and defenseman were trying to cover the puck (I think.)

I finally come out of the pile and the ref goes "14, your neck guard is off." He grabs it and lo and behold, there's a GIANT slash across it.

It was one of those itech kevlar ones. So I rip off my helmet and my neck is bleeding, like if a guy cut himself while shaving. Just a nick.

So essentially, I got my neck stepped on/sliced, but because I was wearing the neckguard all I have is a bandaid on my neck.

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