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Locke - The little nerd in school everyone picked on at recess. He grows up to become an aeronautical engineer and laughs at everyone when driving by in his BMW. He also marries an ugly wife that cooks good meals and is bitter because he never got to live out his fantasy of being an international rock star.

Sergei Kostitsyn -
The weird foreign kid that no one messes with. His fuse always looks about to blow up and you just know he would go psycho in a fight due to his tough childhood in Belarussia. Possibly known to eat his own boogers.

Komisarek - The school's thug that was very popular and feared in high school but ended up being a semi-working/semi-bumming out mechanic at his dad's local garage. All the people that use to adore him now look down on him from their high-paying successful jobs. Uses his big arms to bully Locke into making his homework for him. Doesn't mess with Sergei Kostitsyn.

Carey Price - The good at everything golden boy. He's the guy you knew would become a very successful person later in life. Everyone silently hates him but they have nothing bad to say to him except "Loser!" because they envy him all the time. The girls think he's very "cute" but still want to go out with Komisarek-type students while they still can without being called *****. They know he'll be good husband material down the road.

Dandeneault - He's that kid from the block that is known for running really fast but really nothing else. Always gets picked first in gym class when there's speed involved but picked last in everything else. Ends up working for FedEx or delivering pizzas after breaking his ankle in a college track meet.

Smolinski - The overage student that failed grade 9 about 3 times. He's older and more bitter than all of the other students. Everyone knows him because he buys beer for the younger kids. He uses that to make himself popular because deep inside he knows he's a failure.

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