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04-29-2004, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
I'd say more intense games increases the chance for injury. More checks will be finished. More shots will be blocked. More fists will be thrown.

Parts of the race will be tighter, but if you're Pittsburgh or Washington (as this years examples), there's a chance you're realistically eliminated before Christmas. Remember, owners are asking for "cost certainty". Under this schedule, if you struggle early, your season is financially lost.

More of a result of exclusive conference and divisional play than the shorter schedule.

LIRFan does make a good point about travel expenses, especially for West coast teams. Again, if you're talking about exlusive conference play, the shorter schedule is a moot point.
your points on exclusive conference play is correct and i agree on it. however i cant say the chance of injury is increased if players are playing harder, in actuality i think there is more of a chance of getting injured if you arent playing so hard, if your taking it easy. for example if your team has been eliminated and all you are competing for is pride (and for many thats not much) you may not skate as hard or be fully in the game, making yourself an easier target or just not ready for the hits, while at the same time if you are taking it easy and then start to skate very hard you could easily pull a muscle or over-exert yourself.

the shortened schedule could go either ways with injuries, but i tend to think the players would rather have the ten games less to make the regular season games more meaningful and at the same time be ten less games with a chance of not making the playoffs due to an injury

as for the caps or pens, they were out of it early on, and yes there isnt that much extra ground to be made up, but think of how much more money they were losing with those extra 10 games having to pay arena workers, travel expenses, doctors, etc all to show up and play meaningless games to empty arenas? yes there is a chance you could be eliminated earlier, but if you are you save at the end of the season

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