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04-29-2004, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Ok, I'm just going to post my thoughts on the recent bunch of posts and opinions....

-It really isnt going to do anyone any good to argue the whole Shockey vs. Gonzalez debate because one player has already shown us what he provides every year, while we still have to see how Shockey will perform on a more regular basis, whether it be more or less than Gonzo's production. Let's just agree that they are both tremendous TE's.

-Sean Taylor is not a consolation prize by any means. He is the best safety prospect to come out of college football in a LONG time. People are already claiming that he will leapfrog Roy Williams as a rookie. This is a guy who can redefine the postion.

-Personally I don't think that Kellen Winslow II will live up to his potential. He really didn't impress me too much in his little "Heisman Campaign" this season, and in fact I thought that he degressed from his sophmore season.

-As much as I would love to do the whole Ben Roeth vs. Eli debate, I have already done it to death in the loungue with some guys, if your interested you could just read the archived thread in the Loungue "Other Sports" board. There is just sooooo much overwhelming evidence to support the fact that Eli was and is the better choice that it's mind boggling.
On Shockey: Agreed, trying to compare Shockey to Gonzo is stupid. It would be less controversial though, if Shockey wasnt one of those players that people despise, especially fans of other NFC east teams. Not only is he a young player with tremendous talent on an rival team, but hes a a-hole to boot. If I were a skins eagles or cowboys fan, i'd be bashing him too, all the while hoping my rants eventually come true.

On Taylor: He's farther along than Reed was at the same age, and is a physical freak. A dominant playmaker on defense, there were times where he was almost Miami's best offensive player too, just by creating turnovers. I dread watching him play the giants.

On Winslow: I dont have any doubt that he will be a dominant pass-catching TE. Perhaps he didnt put up the numbers some expected, but Miami's offense struggled at times, and their situation at QB was a horror show. I think you will see a huge bump in his intensity in the NFL.

On Manning: Personally I would take Eli over big Ben, Rivers, Palmer, Carr, and any other recently drafted QB not named Vick. There is no doubt they payed a big price for him, now Giants fans can only hope he turns out to be worth it.

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