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03-10-2008, 09:41 PM
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Brisebois-- former student still hanging around trying to relive glory days, most people want him to leave, cause he's really creepy and some of the younger students are picking up his bad habits, but the teacher is his old best friend from when they both went to school.

Streit-- The kid who does everything the teachers want. Starts out wanting to be an engineer, then they say he might be good at biology. Everyone can see that's where his real talent lies but the teacher's still push him to be an engineer. He thinks about doing a double major, ends up doing an arts degree, hopefully he doesn't transfer schools because if it hadn't been for his teachers he would have been a dropout and end up homeless.

Kovalev--Moody transfer student who ends up being mentor to younger transfer students. Smarter than the average student and needs to be challenged to live up to potential.

Halak--The kid who would have been the star in any other class, has just as much if not more talent than most kids except for this one kid that everybody, including other schools, likes.

S. Kost-- most likely to go postal

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