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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
But Tom Brady IS a star QB. If he were entered into an NFL draft today he would most likely go number #1, his draft stock was lower back out of college because he didnt get an oppurtunity to play for 3 years. Right now he is a superstar quarterback who will demand MVP money and perform at an MVP level, regardless of where he was drafted. Kurt Warner was a franchise QB when the Rams were winning, Elway to the Broncos, Favre to the Pack, Young and Montana to the 9ers Aikman to the Cowboys, Simms to the Giants, ect. The bottomline is that you do need a "star" quarterback in order to win a Superbowl. It doesn't matter where you get that guy, but you do need him and the Giants wanted to guarentee they got that guy. And I have followed Eli's career as closely as anyone, and let me tell you they did get that guy.
The Giants didn't give up too much for Manning. Something some people seem to forget about this is that without a 1st rounder next year, the Giants now have that money to go out and sign a top FA if they wish.

BUT, I do not believe that Manning, or a "franchise QB" for that matter is needed to win a Super Bowl. The NFL seems to change over 3-4 year periods. Not necessarily the players or their talent, but the way the game is coached and played. When you change the way the game is coached and played, you change the way personel people need to evaluate talent and structure their teams.

Look at the past couple Super Bowls and the QB's that were in them.
Kurt Warner- was not a franchise QB, rather he was a player signed out of the Arena League who was put into the right system. The Rams weren't that good because of Warner's talents, they were that good because of the system they played on offense and the talent of their RB and WR's, as well as O-line.

Gannon- was never considered a great QB and was signed as a FA, I believe, by Oakland. Was succesful because the Raiders had good coaching and played the right system for Gannon.

Dilfer/Delhomme/Johnson- were FA journeymen who played in the SB because of the defense and coaching of their teams, not because of their own talents.

Collins- talented but not considered a great QB. Giants made that great run in 00 because of good coaching from Fassel and Fox and a good D.

Brady- Only one of the bunch I could say is a franchise QB. However, he was drafted late and the success of his team rides heavily on the coaching and defense of the Pats. Brady is a good QB, but that team does not win because of their offense.

If you look at the last 8 teams to be in the SB, only 2 had what you would call a franchise QB(Brady, however his team was driven by D and coaching as I said before). Only 2 teams, STL and OAK, got to the SB because of offense, and STL's offense was just ridiculous. With that said, neither of these teams won their SB's, as they were beaten by a good D. 6 of the 8 teams(NE, NYG, BAL, TB, NE, CAR) got to the SB because of coaching and defense.

Clearly, you don't need a great QB to be succesful. And in the Giants case especially, they are talented enough on offense that they can be succesful with an average to above average QB. Defense wins championships, especially in this day in age.

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