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04-29-2004, 05:22 PM
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For starters Chicken Parm is a moron. Much like Pang he was a loser player who couldn't get it done so he has to run his mouth on T.V. to make himself feel better. The bottom line is that none of these buffoons have any clue what goes on with Messier and the coaches. Chicken Dope is assuming. Probably because he didn't play much and thought Messier was the reason instead of the fact that he stunk as a hockey player.

The Rangers only problem till this year was failure to trade of vets, stock pile picks and prospects and play as much youth as possible in an attempt to build a young nucleus. You could have hired the best coach in the world and it wounldn't have saved these old dopes from losing games.

This team needed to build a nucleus of at least 2-3 young defenseman, 2-3 young, above average grinders and 3-4 young, productive offensive players. Goal we are set at. I'm not worry about the defense or grinders. It's the offense I'm concerned about. We need to hope Balej, Wiseman and Moore can give us something on offense to build on till

Dawes is ready. All hail Dawes! All hail Dawes!