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Originally Posted by Diskothek View Post

Looking into getting some new skates for roller hockey. I've tried some different skates at stores and 8.0 seems to be the best fit for most brands for me. A little weird since my shoe size is 8-10, depending on brand. Right now I have Reebok shoes that are 9's and their 8.0 skates fit me very well.

Just wondering what brands you folks like best. The RBK seemed nicest to me, but I can't get a super nice model since I'm trying to limit myself to around 100 USD.

Also, this seems to be a problem for me with any skate I use, be it ice or roller, but my ankle seems to have very little support no matter what since I have weak/thin ankles and there's always a lot of room in the skate and I'll wobble a lot. Anyone know of any remedies to this other than wearing like 3 pairs of socks? hah!
Buy the ones that fit your foot the best, regardless of what people recommend.

Originally Posted by CBJrumble
When i got my new pair of RBKs after every game I laced them up really tight (without my foot in them obviously) and just left them like that until my next game. That brought the sides in closer and it seems to be helping.

I went from Missions to RBKs the missions fit like a glove the RBKs were very loose in the beginning.
The RBK's fit loose because they are different fit then the Missions. Skates never get smaller as you break them in, they actually get bigger.

All in all, you should have stuck with Missions.

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