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04-29-2004, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
You know.... I've got a great idea, but I'm sure the vast majority of people will disagree with this simply because they're "traditionalists" who can never bare to part ways with old time anything.

It's 2004 now, not 1904. We live in a day and age of technology which we didn't have back in the early days of hockey. Why not just eliminate the referees on the ice all together and do some sort of boxing-esque officiating system. We have cameras out what ass, etc etc. My idea is to have some group of "officials" who cover the game the way boxing scorers do... Have like 5 guys or something, positioned around the rink, or with different angles on the play, something like that, with buttons. If they believe it's a penalty, hit the button... if 3 of 5 hit the button within a certain period of time of each other, it's a penalty. People already own up to the fact that even with two officials ON the ice they can't see EVERYTHING. So why not have more "officials" AROUND the ice making the calls. It would be two less bodies to get in the way of the play for one, and it might make games called a bit more fair since there'd be more than 4 eyes watching for penalties...

This will never happen though, which is a shame... but oh well.

Capn, I'd take the cameras but didn't you see the Mosley/DeLaHoya rematch?
I think the only sports officials that stink worse than NHL refrees and french figure skating officials are boxing judges.

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