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03-12-2008, 04:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
I found this article in Norrbottens Kuriren, and it was written after the last game of Allettan Norra. ´

Asplöven had already secured the top spot when they played Östersund, but I'm wondering what the outlook of them ever playing in Allsvenskan can be? Obviously, they are looking at quite a bit more money then. Haparanda isn't that big, but they do indeed have some big companies in the area, so maybe they'll have to "build it and they will come," ehe?
They do got plenty of money -- their top paid players probably get allot more then the avg joe in the Allsvenskan. Most guys probably get around 6.000-10.000 after taxes a month. Its a bit of a advantage to be positioned at the border -- all the Finns can get artist contracts.

The problem for them is that it always have been allot more expensive for them to get players then what it is for teams in bigger citys like Umeå (see Teg) for example. Gooing to Haparanda have, atleast in the past, been seen as basically gooing to Siberia to play.

But Haparanda as a city have had a big upswing thanks to Ikea establishing there. Its turning into -- whats that place thats famous for having cheap stuff in Småland? Ending with ***boda I think -- of the nothern Sweden. Haparanda have gone from beeing the city with the biggest % of sick people in Sweden, and one of the highest unemployment rates, to beeing the city with the 3rd highest tillväxt rate this year in entire Sweden.

The company of Polarica is backing them really well.

On Asplöven playing in the Allsvenska -- that kind of seems a bit nuts to me.

Like right now there basically isn't a homegrown player playing for that team. There is two finns who played on a joint Haparanda/Tornio team junior team. And that have kind of been their problem always. They got a big youthprogram -- but when the kids become 16-17 and aren't ready to dominate in the upper Div 1 league they are forced out. Its pretty telling that Övertornå -- a smaller city then HPDA that got much fewer players -- have produced like a handful of elite players only the last years; while Asplöven haven't ever produced even a Allsvenskan player... Its funny to compare Luleås b-juniors with Asplövens b-juniors. Most seasons Asplövens b-junior defenitly is on par with Luleås. Then 3 years later Luleå have produced 3-4 guys who plays in the SEL or Allsvenskan -- if not more -- while all Asplöven players sits at the square drinking Lapin...

If they had a strong core of homegrown players Allsvenskan might not be out of reach in the long run. But now they have to buy in everyone almost. That means that they got a big turnaround on the roster every year, there is a ton of guys only waiting for offers from other teams et c. But in term of size, they do got some potential. How big is Leksand?

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