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04-30-2004, 05:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Rather Gingerly 1
Now, that the season is done for Montreal. What happens in the immediate future...who stays and who goes?


Kovalev...he goes. Heavily talented but too inconsistent for the money he makes. He'll give us 70 points next year but Perezhogin can give us 50-60 and about 6 million a year cheaper.
Hmmm... i don't know where you saw that Perez can give us 50-60 points right from the start. Right now comparing both of them is not even close. I am a fan of Perezhogin, don't get me wrong, But kovalev on Saku's wing is what the team needed since Recchi left the building.

[QUOTE=Rather Gingerly 1]

Juneau....he's done in Montreal. At 36...he's done or very close to being done.
Quintal ...he's too slow and is ably replaced by Komisarek.
Dackell....It's 1.4 million a year for little production. What's the sense in that?
Perrault...I'm one of the few who like Perrault but he is replaced by Higgins.

All in all, i agree. have to say i loved the way Perreault handled this year situation and i wouldn't be too surprised to see him next year.

Originally Posted by Rather Gingerly 1

Theodore....He's not consistently good like the other goalies in 'Bulin, Belfour, Brodeur, etc.... Tough call but if he fetches a good return??? BYE! We have the depth to move him if necessary.
We will see next year about Theodore. I also have to add that we do not have the depth to move him... Garon might be a good goaly, but we can't build a team with a "might be good" in front of the net. garon will have to see more action next year to see what he really can do.

Originally Posted by Rather Gingerly 1

Sundstrom... he's a good defensive player but at 1.9 million? He'll probably stay but it is not slam dunk.
Sundstrom is a very good defensive player. Wouldn't be our loss if he stayed.

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