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03-12-2008, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by lugnut76 View Post
Nobody. . .I don't care how crazy they might be. . .would embellish a play in a way that might cause them to crash into the boards like that or embellish in a way with such a high probablity for injury.
As a Flyer fan, Downie did it when Laraque pushed him from behind. I'm not sure if it was embellishing or a natural reaction ie. get your head down to roll out of it and avoid head injury. I think it was embellishment.

I'm not necessarily going to say that Tootoo embellished, though I don't think the incident was as bad as the result would make it seem. Perhaps it just caught him by surprise and that surprise threw him off. Tootoo is notorious for playing on the edge of legality. I really don't like him as a player because of what he's done in the past and continues to do, but I'm not letting that alter my view of what happened during this incident. Tootoo likes to push the limits, and I think he tried to either brush Nabokov or 'buzz the tower' and Nabokov defended his crease.

I'm not defending what Nabby did. I'm a huge fan of him, and he doesn't play dirty, but he shouldn't be lifting his stick like that. He does it very often, nearly every game, and I've never seen anybody hit by it. A lot of goalies do pretty much the same thing (though not lifting their sticks as high) and it's very rare to see anyone struck by the stick. I highly doubt that Nabokov intentionally hit Tootoo with the stick. I don't think he should have lifted his stick like that, I think that he should stop immediately, and it was uncalled for.

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