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Originally Posted by Roughneck View Post
The Bantam Draft (or the Priority Draft. They're all different names for the same thing). Basically 14/15 year olds across the country get drafted by the junior leagues which represent their region (BC/AB/SK/MB for the WHL, Ontario for the OHL and Quebec and the Maritimes for the QMJHL). American players can also get drafted but I'm not entirely sure of the zoning. THen there is also the Import Draft where teams draft the rights to various European players.

With billets. Families volunteer to put the kids up for their time in junior.

Well the WHL is bus only so I'd imagine the other leagues are as well.

Yes. At least the ones who haven't graduated do.

Well, they get paid some money, but its not much. Somebody will be able to tell you the exact amount, but its only like $50-$100 IIRC but its meant for food and gas and such. These guys eat alot, the billets can't be expected to buy everything.
The money depends on who you are(well not the low end, they all get what you describe). But if a good player is weighing options, it's not unheard of for the junior teams(at least those that can) to try to entice.

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