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04-30-2004, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by ThorntoNeely198
I want to congratulate the Montreal Canadiens on a terrific playoff. It was one made all the more noble by the fact that so many Canadiens were playing hurt.

Ribeiro, his shoulder separated and re-set with pads on, on the ice, able to smile on the bench and deliver checks with that very same shoulder two days later. The only ill effects apparenly his endurance, as he remained on the Canadiens bench as soon as each Montreal win was 'out of reach.' Such bravery!

Kovalev, his hand broken on a blatant two hand Travis Green slash, able to make full wrist shots, backhanders, and stickhandle as though nothing were wrong, scoring goal after goal, wincing with pain (it looked like a smile, but I say it was a wince). Such perseverence!

Koivu, the captain that plays like one should, his ribs cracked, cartilage torn, and lungs bruised. Able to sprint down the ice, make sharp cuts, twisting his upper torso to stickhandle, hit, shoot, etc. Every other day for 7 games! What a remarkable guy! Such leadership!

You have a brave, tough team, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise while snickering about your rooting for a bunch of sissy crybaby faker clowns. Because that's just nonsense. They're a brave group of soldiers, those Habs. And I think they proved it to the world this Spring.

Bruins fan or not, I salute the Montreal Canadiens and you, their loyal fans. That, friends, is how hockey should be played.

Ribeiro, Kovalev, Koivu, the brave soldiers.
I'M glad to see that you have seen the light. It takes a big man to come on here and admit that his team was beaten by a better team. Bravo to you and to all the classy Bruins fans.

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