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04-30-2004, 09:36 AM
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Umberger is they type of player this organization needs to stay away from. He is greedy and all he cares about is money. Why would you ever take away a roster spot from a kid like Moore, Wiseman, Pruch or Immonen for that dumbazz. All the above have done is played hockey and produced without complaining while Umberger hasn't played hockey and has been sulking for over a year.

You have to ask yourself this about R.J. If he really believed he could be a high quality NHL player he would have to be the dumbest fool on the face of the planet not to want to play in New York when they are rebuilding because if he did anything positive at the NHL level the Rangers would probably be happy to throw money at him. The fact he is making these contract demands now tells me he is a career minor league player.