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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
Does somebody know...

- how many games does an NHL referee officiate in a season?
- what's their salary?
- what's their schedule, ie. do they have a road trip of 8 games in two weeks followed by a week of rest?
- does two referees work together most of the season or do they have several "partners" to work with?
- does a single referee only officiate in one conference?
-I believe their contract is between 70-80 games.

-Anywhere from $90k to $250k per season.

-Week of rest? Doubtful. Schedules are released monthly to the officials.

-Two referees might do a couple games in a row (IE: Friday in Anaheim, Saturday in LA), but as an official, you have to be able to work with everybody on the roster.

-No. All officials travel the entire league. That said, I believe linesmen may travel a bit less and are a bit more regionalized, but referees go everywhere.

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