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04-30-2004, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean
He we go again. I don't like Julien because he's bland. I don't like Julien because he's got no hair. I don't like Julien because he can't properly speak french. I don't like Julien...

Julien won at every level he coached. Not by luck, but because he's an excellent teacher of the game. The proof of that was last night, when there was 50 seconds left in the game, and the cause hopeless. He called a timeout to talk strategy to his players. ALL OF THEM listened religiously to his speech. No smirks, no desinterested looks. ALL OF THEM listened. Tells me the guy has the respect of his group.
Sort of off topic, but doesn't Julien speak good French ? I don't speak well enough to be much of a critic, but I thought he was more articulate in French than Therrien. I assumed English was his second language though he's fluent. Sometimes, people I've known who were raised bi lingually sound a little caught between the 2. Just curious, he's a lot better than me, and some of his critics for that matter.

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