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04-30-2004, 06:12 PM
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Intersting thread. I've yet to see another topic generate so much passion from the posters. You all raise valid points.

What I like most about these threads is learning some tasty little tid-bits about teams I didn't know before.

For example, I had no idea that even if Leonsis wanted to get rid of the Capitals, he'd also lose potential future ownership of the Wizards and MCI centre, which is what he really wants.

So, for better or for worse, the Capitals aren't going anywhere. Interesting.

The person who started this threat originally wanted to know which teams in the South should be spared contraction.

I agree with the most recent poster that all young franchises in the south should be given more time before they should be hjuged worthy or not.

I also agree with many posters that contraction probably won't happen.

Rather I see a struggling team exhausting all avenues in its current market and then relocating as a last resort. I don't agree with some of the posters who suggest that relocation would be just as detrimental to the league. I think relocation every once in a while could be healthy for the league. The landscpe of pro-sports is not static. Things change.

You know what, if the league rebounds from its current financial troubles, I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of years into the new healthy CBA, the league begins to toy with idea of expansion to 32 teams. Another nice round number, 8 divisions of 4.

I agree with the posters who believe hockey is still growing. I am encouraged to know that Winnipeg, for example, is building a new arena and have gone public with its desire to bring the NHL back.

If hockey comes out of this CBA battle healtheir than ever, then I think you'll see more individuals with deep pockets and more cities interested in teams which would be great. If some of teams fail in their current markets, there'll be enough demand from other cities like, especially Northern ones, to keep 30 teams afloat.

Hockey is on the rise. Just give it time, and a manageble CBA!

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