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03-14-2008, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by dutchy29 View Post
Are you serious? You guys got shut out like 3 out of 4 games recently.
When your captain doesnt play you lose almost every game.
Your goaltending has been a mystery and a liability for the entire franchises history.
The Habs actually have been more consistent this season and have a better goalie.
Your defending a team that added a bunch of new players and fired their coach with in the last 3 weeks, Yeah real stable, lots of depth.
Good teams excel in the playoffs not in the regular season, if you guys could have done that once in the last 10years you might be able to have some bragging rights but you didnt.
Murray's already proven once he cant lead this team to a cup, now the organization is allowing him to try again.
Gainey has led the Habs to 5 and Dallas to 1.
I could go on.

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