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03-15-2008, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by senators39 View Post
LET'S talk about depth shall we? Senators have 8 players with 30 or more points, and one guy at 29 points, and another at 26 points. So it's safe to say 10 guys will have 30 or more points. Les precious Habitants have 7 guys with 30 or more, and a couple guys at 23-24. What is YOUR definition of depth? I think a ton of people think Ottawa is solely a one line team because their top line scores sooo much, that it seems like no one else is scoring, when in fact they are on par to most of the league in terms of secondary scoring.

first, it's 7 with 40 pts or more, not 30...

I'll give you an example of depth : traded our #1 goalie, his replacement is doing better while being in his 1st year, and the one being #2 at the moment could also very well carry the load as he already did last year for us... fact is, we could (not saying we should) very well trade one of them next summer and still start next season with a decent #1 and a decent back up...

another example : every single game there is a full line of capable players in the stands, they might not be 1st liners but still, in most teams they would probably be playing regular shifts...

and one last : we could lose 3 D and still start a game with a full D corp. Without any call-ups that is.

was fun reading you, I mean, you're the one with the better players but the Habs/Sens are both at 87 pts after the same amount of games... if you have the better players and you have more depth, how is it possible ?

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