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03-15-2008, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Elite Swede View Post
What gloves do you recommend? I wear 13inch Eagles and Tour at the moment. Your opinion is appreciated.

1. CCM Vector 6
2. Easton Stealth S11
3. Nike Bauer Supreme One90
4. Nike Bauer Vapor XX
5. RBK 9K
6. Warrior Super Mac Daddy
7. Warrior Mac Daddy
8. Warrior Dolomite
I have the RBK 9K's. Been using them for about 3 months. Love em.

My brother bought the Vapor XX at the same time and he loves his too.

I'm pretty much in the mindset that gloves are definitely worth spending the extra money (as opposed to shin guards).

With that said, I was looking at the warrior Super Mac Daddy and the Mac Daddy but when comparing them to the 9K, they just seem overpriced. With Warrior, you are definitely paying more for the name/style. Good feeling gloves though.

As far as re-palming goes, while I have not done it personally, from what i have seen and been told, they just repalm them with a strong generic leather, not (usually) what came with the glove originally (unless yours came with generic strong leather).

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