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Originally Posted by 4thliner View Post
How long shall we keep this up huh? kkk

The tone of that series in 2006 was set in GAME 1, Emery blew that game and the team never played the same afterward and lacked serous confidence. Through round 1 and up to that game the team was scoring a ton of goals and Ray didnt crap the bed. And remember there was the Domanik Hasek shadow over the team since he was to be the starting goalie that carried Ottawa the cup.

BUT at ANY rate, Ottawa destroyed Buffalo last year and that was with Emery still giving up 3 foot rebounds as usual but making the easy saves he was suppose to make usualy.

As for your uf puff and well i guess he's suppose to keep Buffalo to 1 goals a game to win, whatever guy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see in the playoffs won't we of what your dupped 'first liners' do?

The guys I was using in comparison up in Ottawa are not only superior to them in regular season play but are playoff PROVEN in terms of production and play.

Personaly I don't think maybe outside of the inconsistant Kovalev from year to year, Montreal has any real 1st line talent on their team. That is why they were almost willing to give up and arm and a leg to get Hossa, the playoff choker but the regular season wonder. Problem is come regular season guy doesnt perform like a superstar and I believe it was one disasterous move Ganey didnt make considering what Atlanata wanted from you. Congrats. But at anyrate like I said all that matters is the playoffs. Ottawa beating habs 6-1 in the regular season don't matter, whatever you think of Plekanec AK Higgins and so forth don't matter much till they do something in the playoffs and show that they can win their team maybe a round or 2 and go from there, nothing great.

Spezza.. playoff proven say he giggles all you want wise
Volchenko, Phillips, Commodore....these are guys who have all shown they come up big in the playoffs and outside of Alfredsson and Stillman they are all in their 20's
what do you mean WE ?? you have a different opinion about all this than all of us here... so, since no one invited you here, how about you go back to your cave and leave us be ?

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