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03-15-2008, 08:13 AM
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Did anyone make the mistake I did?

I haven't played organized hockey in 10 years. That's since I was in high school. Before that I played all my life, every dang year. Hockey was my sport, hockey was what I was really good at. I did decent in high school. I was 2nd in state in scoring until I got busted on new years for drinking. Yeah one of the biggest mistakes of my life now. I still had letters and one scholarship offer (not a full ride). When highschool ended I had a good job so I didn't want to go to school just to play hockey, so I said "screw college". Another mistake.

Well I've played pickup hockey maybe 10 times the past 10 years. I played a lot of softball, BMX, motocross, indoor football, ect. But no hockey. Each time I lace the skates even this past year, these former highschoolers ask who I play for assuming I'm some college or semi pro player. They think I lie when I tell them this is the first time I've laced up in a year or so. I don't feel like I've lost a step when I lace up the skates. Only thing holding me back is my endurance. Other than that, after a couple minutes I feel like my edges are dead on.

Anyone ever wonder where the past 10 years went? I really regret not playing the sport I love the most. I'm 28 but still feel like I'm 20. I realize can't change the past, but only the future so I've decided to get back into it this spring. I joined a 11 week hockey skills camp (once a week) to get back in to hockey shape. I can't wait and hopefully I'm not too old to continue playing at a competitive level.

Anyone else make this same mistake or in my same shoes? Don't sit around and wait before it's too late. DO IT!

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