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05-01-2004, 12:54 AM
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score five minutes into the game and then refrain from trying. two games in a row the flyers really felt they didn't need this game.

Lets give mats sundin all the open ice we want, fine, we'll catch up to you using our ace power play.

I think i'm begging for 2002's power play after the last two games. It took us 3.5 power plays to get a shot on net, that is what wins hockey games. Lets put Ragnarsson in front of the net on our power play, a good assist on Sundin's goal.

We have our best line of Roenick, Zhamnov, and Amonte, consequently broken up. Our 4th line of Somik, Handzus and Branko had the best game IMO--they kept the puck in the zone for a great amount of time on the forecheck--often times the point men were off in left field making the whole trip useless but it sure looked pretty.

This team was just happy to go down in the 3rd period...a two goal defecit is not the end of the world--get one and youre within one--and that tying goal can come out of nowhere, like it has been for toronto all series. Late in both games three and four you heard Jim Jackson go "time to get desparate". Eight shots in the 3rd, 8. This team didn't play with intensity, Ken Hitchcock didn't coach with intensity. One on one, two on one, we lost all of those battles, we lost the game. The two on one that Kapanen had with Primeau, where Sami passed the puck right into the defensman's chest about summed up the night. It's bastardly of me to scrutinize one scoring chance, but think of other scoring chances the flyers had for me to make fun of...cause thats about it

Our defensmen don't shoot, and when they do, they miss, it goes to the corners, we lose battles, toronto gets the puck, were on the defensive (were pretty good at skating backwards, a lot of practice while in toronto)...a pass splits two flyer d-men and sundin or mogilny has a breakaway, that seems to repeat itself every game.

sunday's gonna be an interesting game

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