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03-15-2008, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by frito View Post
I couldn't disagree more. Just ask half the US womens Olympic team. Most of them grew up playing on boys teams and didn't ask for any special treatment. As the father and coach of a peewee girl, if they're up to the task, let them play. I ask my daughter every season, do you want to play with the boys or the girls. The decision is entirely up to her.

I give her no special treatment over the boys. She got totally Scott Stevens'd at open ice because she was skating with her head down. My reaction was the same as it would be for any kid on either team. I didn't get mad because it was a CLEAN hit. When she came to the bench, I asked if she learned anything. She looked at me and said "Yeah, don't skate with your head down." I've had that exact same converssation with some of the boys on the team too. It's not a gender thing.

In the case of the original poster, I would hope the reaction of your team would be the same regardless of the gender. It sounds like your player was on the receiving end of a DIRTY hit. It doesn't matter if your player is a boy or a girl. The other player. That easily could have been a boy on your team and I hope the Captain's response would be the same.
There will always be special cases obviously. I'm just speaking generally. If your girl had been hurt getting Eric Lindrosed, I'm not so sure your reaction would be the same if she was a boy. PeeWees not so much, but by Bantams the differences in strength become more obvious, especially at the higher levels. When I was a Bantam B I had two girl defenseman on my team. Never were they openly hit, just pushed and shoved. From that I can tell that I'm not alone in the don't hit girls mantra.

Meanwhile in practice I got one of the girls father telling her to hit me full force everytime it's me and her one-on-one in drills. So now I'm playing avoid the check with a girl almost two years my junior. If I had decided she was "fair game" and treated her like any other player I would have put her in the hospital.

Then again I never really took youth hockey all that seriously.

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