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03-15-2008, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by droller View Post
If the ladies wanna play with the boys they are fair game IMO. I've played against a couple girls through my rep hockey and they were generally little hack shows that ran their mouth that deserved to get crushed. Dirty crap like spearing legs and the classic pitch fork from behind into the balls.

She pulled that trick on a big boy on our team.. his name was Jason Lynch (ended up playing WHL in Spokane and Red Deer. The youngest brother of the 4 Lynch boys. They all played in the WHL). When he got his chance, he killed her open ice.

Myself... after a couple hacks I just got cocky . "Oh you like to play with the boys eh? Guess we'll see yah in the shower sunshine" gave her a slap on the ass and a wink.
I would spear you in the balls for doing something like that.

I had ONE guy try that last year on me. I'm not a dirty player, I have 2pim in the men's league this year, 0 in the women's.

Last year a guy came up and gave me a slap on the ass and went "See you later tonight princess." Next shift I drove the net and tapped one in. He skated by and made a few more comments. Next time I was out on the ice with him and I was in front of the net he kept grabbing my pants and going "Aww sweetheart, what's wrong? Want me so badly, you can't wait?"

Elbow to the chops shut him up.

"I channeled my inner Morneau, took the stick and hit the mother****** to the moooon!"
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