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03-15-2008, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Will I have to replace the Trex in ten years? How long will it look good for?
If your trex needs to be replaced in 10 years it will be under warranty, it could last up to 25 years or better so down the road you will save money because you will be redecking a traditional PT or Cedar deck in 10 to 15 years not to mention the upkeep a bit more steep if you treat your cedar or pt deck with stain or a sealer.

You should really go into a dealer though and talk to them see what they have to say what sort of cost difference you are looking at, they can give additional info aswell.

Originally Posted by Blue'sClues View Post
These composite deck materials, how slippery are they when they get wet?
No more slippery then a traditional deck, what happens often is if the deck is in an area that stays damp and doesnt get much sun it will develop a film overtop that can be quite slippery regardless of materials used to build. The key is to powerwash your deck to remove this film.

There is another route they have which will last forever but as far as athetics go is not so nice, they sell a vynil sort of decking that clicks then screws together I dont like it because its pretty much plastic.

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