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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
So does anyone have any magical tips for hopefully a simple Q - sometimes I scrimmage with players who are waaaay better players than me, so what's the best way too stick-check (non-contact rec league) an opponent who is a much much faster skater than you. My problem is trying to stick-check them but not collide with them or trip them up ie. how should I skate towards them. Or is there really no answer apart from trying to skate with them?
(*sigh* sometimes it seems so much easier to push them into the boards, altho perhaps that would work the other way too )
First let me say, I have not read the whole thread and someone might have said this already. So I apologize.

If you are a forward, always make sure that they are on the outside of you towards the boards. Angling them towards the boards and pinching them off the puck is a good tactic. Use a stick lift to regain control of the puck. Once you have the puck, pass it back towards your defensemen and then regroup in the neutral zone.

If you are a defensemen, again, line up your outrside shoulder (the shoulder closest to the boards) with his shoulder that is on the inside (shoulder closest towards the center ice)

Make sure that the blade of your stick is close to your skates and not out in front at full length. When it is out front like that at full length, it tell the attacking shooter how far he needs to come in before he makes the move on you. So, place the blade in the line with your skates.

Then when he gets to a point where you have controlled the gap, (the gap should be one stick length away from you) you do what is know as a "Sweep Check." The whole purpose is not to get the puck off his stick and it is more to make him/her mess up with the stick handling of the puck.

Once you have them mis-stickhandling and the puck goes into there skates, chances are really good that his team mate down the blue line will go off side because he was unable to control the puck at the blue line because you controlled the gap.

The other thing you can do to help your team out is to pick up a man on the other team coming back into your zone. Make sure that this man is on the out side. As he gets closer to the blue line, he's going to want to straddle the blue line so that he doesn't go off side. Once he starts to straddle, you angle him over the blue line and he goes off side. Now, nine times out of ten, the referee will not call you for interference. It's just a matter of angling the player over the blueline.

Hope this helps

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