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03-15-2008, 09:04 PM
Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by nodq View Post
Agreed. Half the time i can't even tell unless they got a ponytail coming out their helmet.

I actually LEVELED a girl a few games ago but didn't realize it was a girl until afterwards. I play in a non-checking league but managed to get away with it.

In the end, if a girl is playing in a checking league, she's fair game.
I agree and anyone who doesn't agree is likely trolling the board for e-*****.

When I played travel in the summer (HS aged league), we played against a Western NJ team.

Well, they had a girl on their team. We watched them play and the girl was really a very good player. But no one else would dare to touch her. She could almost score at will.

I saw her crossing the blue line. Keep in mind -- I was the agitator on our team, our captain, and one of our better scorers (I played LW). She skated right by one of our wingers and I absolutely layed her out. Layed her the **** out. Completely legal hit -- she had her head down and was trying to act like hot ****.

Probably the best play of our tournament though I was kicked out of the game. I was also suspended for the rest of the tournament though our coach challenged it and I was re-instated before the next game. I think they suspended me because there were practically death threats because of the hit. But as I said -- it was a great play and instilled tons of emotion and energy into our team. We played 6 games and won each of them by at least 7 goals.

Anyway, anyone who doesn't hit a girl just because she's a girl is a complete idiot. They signed up for the checking league. They are completely fair game.

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