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03-15-2008, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by SniperArchetype View Post
I was wondering if anyone knew the exact, specific muscles that are collectively used for

1. The Wrist Shot
2. Skating

and if they knew which workouts were the best for building ENDURANCE, rather than strength, in both. Obviously the wrists and quadriceps are well known, but I was wondering what else I could work on?

1. The Wrist Shot: Well, it have more to do with leverage, than does with muscles. Lets look at the mechanics of shooting for a second. When you do a wrist shot, you have several forces at work. One, The flex of your stick and Two, the leverage or fulcrum of the stick.

The Sweep Pass is the basic foundation for all upper body movements that will help you perform everything from passing to shooting.

It starts off by placing the puck six to eight inches behind the near skate. Applying pressure to the shaft with the lower hand for leverage and using the top hand for power or force. What?

Sure, lets look at basic physics....
(Please excuses the crudity of the drawings)

In this drawing, you will see that I have my hockey stick under a box. When I'm on the ice, I place the blade under a players skate.

You will see that I am trying to lift the box up with my stick and wrist. You can also see, that at this point, the force is all on my wrist and that it is impossible for me to lift the box with the force at my wrist.

Odds are really good that my wrist will not handle the force and it will break. However, if you look at this next picture, you will see that I have placed a "Fulcrum" halfway down the shaft.

By placing the fulcrum down the shaft, the force is now applied at the fulcrum point. Thus, I can apply pressure to the top of the shaft and the box will move up.

The rule also apply to Passing or Shooting! The speed of the puck is directly proportional to the "Fulcrum Point" leverage (Bottom Hand) and the force or pressure applied with the top hand.

A good example is a row boat. The point at which the oar attaches to the side of the boat is the Fulcrum point.

So, when you pass or shoot, make sure that the top hand (arm) go to full extension. Once there, pull back towards your body and leave the bottom hand still.

Now the reason why I'm go through all this is. Young players have a tendency to push the puck with there bottom hand and keep the top hand still. Those shots are weak and slow.

Hope this helps

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