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03-15-2008, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Ray Emery Scares Me View Post
Easier said than done, for me.

Whenever I have the ball/puck, my natural reaction is to look right down at it on my stick while I'm stick-handling/moving around. I can't seem to break this habit for good. I've been told it could just be a confidence thing, and I tend to agree. I end up missing open teammates because I'm not looking up, or I'll try and clear and fail because I didn't see the point man, etc. etc.

My skill level is non-existent. I'm just tired of being a liability because of this problem.

Anyone else have the same problem and know any sort of solution?
Ok, there's nothing in the book that says that you have to always keep your head up. It's ok to look down. However, when you look down, you might as well place a 4 Ft radius "Cone of Silence" around you.

By looking down, you are so focused on the puck, that you have a tendency to not see anyone because you are so focused on the puck. Try using your peripheral vision. Look down every once and a while and then look at your target. Try looking up more that looking down. Once you get into the habit of looking up, you will start to do it more often.


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