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03-16-2008, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by deangamblin View Post
haha your telling me to grow a pair of balls?.. when youve got 2 girls saying no special treatment and hit them, meanwhile your like "noooo hitting just do poke checks." i think should should trade in your jock and pick up a pair of soccer cleats, clearly your not a hockey player, or atleast not a very good one.
i am fair game. i know im fair game. im fair game along with every other player on the ice.
the girls are saying hit them.. like any other player on the ice... however you have gone out of your way to make it clear that;

a) your penis somehow gets smaller if a girl dekes past you

b) you are going out of your way to "blow up" the girl, methinks strictly for the fact that she is a girl... do you honestly expect us to beleive that you're spending the whole game, "blowing" up EVERY player out there?...

you ARE going after the girl for the sake that she;'s a girl... that's not even sad its pathetic. Don't forget to check the hell out of the 65yr old man at the next drop in session cause you couldn't lay a legal shrug to seperate him from the puck

oh and for the girls who're defensively agreeing with these little penis monsters... why shouldn't you feel ike hot s**** if you're good, you're good. I guarantee you our little boy out here could not take hayley wickenheiser or angie ruggiero in a milliion years.. those girls would absolutely hurt you. You think the idiot who goes above and beyond in his effort to lay out a girl doesn't think HE'S hot s***? ITs simply for reason a) you threaten his masculinity.. however if a boys self esteem is as small as his weiner then he deserves to be embarassed.

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