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03-16-2008, 01:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Kovalev the Great View Post
I think koivu is having a terrible season, does that make me a koivu basher!?

in MY MIND, ''C'' = RELIABLE PLAYER which he hasn't been this year.

in my mind, if your BEST PLAYER is a forward, he should record more points than Mark streit

''all the other intangibles he bring both on and off the ice. ''

like? penalties in the offensive end?

man there is a diffenrence in saying koivu generally played like crap this year and being a Koivu basher. Moreover, to suggest that koivu might be our ''best'' player this year gets me going bananas ... ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Can we dispense with the straw man arguments?Nobody has mentioned that Koivu is our best player this year? Learn to read properly,man.

And the comparaison you've settled between Streit and Koivu respective productions this year is way off and is completely different.Apples and oranges.They have a similar offensive production,but that's it.The comparaisons stop here.

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