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03-16-2008, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by the_speedster View Post
funny... then why give her special treatment? you noticed she was a girl... if you think shes like any other player then you play her like any other player.. not worry if oooh she skates by you. Who gives a crap. You can either be like nick lidstom who works his a** off to be a better skater than his attacker, hit when necessary, but play smart hockey ALL the time.. or you can swing your weiner around thinking;

"OOGAH! me see female..... smash um then bring em to cave for dinn dinn!" I've played hockey for a pretty damned long time. I cant tell you how stupid I tink it is when certain kids waste their time trying to humiliate another player instead of just playing the game the right way.. someone once told me, "respect your opponent.. without them there is no game."

I once laid the best hit of my life on a guy. He wasn't even ready for it... I just snuck up and BAM he was upside down and out... then I stood there like an idiot when the medics came to get him. Serious concussion and fractured jaw. I could've very easily taken the body on him.. hard but fair.. instead I was 19yrs old and was worrying that I hadn't given a super hit all game long.

Hitting's fun but like guns, hitting in the hands of idiots? dangerous.

I'm done.
Injuries happen in hockey from legal and ilegal hits,you should know that when you lace 'em up.If she plays in a mens league means she's just as good as the guys playing there so treat her like you treat anyone else.Whether it was a guy or girl no one likes getting beat.And by special treatment I was talking to the guy who said don't hit, if they don't treat her like an equal whats the point of playing in a better league.Not everyone is Lidstrom to be just as effective with a poke check and be able skate faster backwards than the attcker does forward.

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