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03-16-2008, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Kovalev the Great View Post
Okay... first of all, koivu was once labeled as our BEST player. as Our BEST player, he should have taken charge of the offense, which he did 3 or 4 (max) out of 12 years with the habs.

A REAL 1rst LINE? Last time I checked, Koivu-higgins-ryder was supposed to be our 1rst line this year... and didn't deliver... not only higgins, ryder... but also koivu.

Higgins, ryder, lats and s.kos are no more 3rd liners than koivu this year.

He's a PLAYMAKER ? well nice... his wingers should have an easy time getting plenty of chances... which is not the case. NO SHOTS ON GOAL vs senators... for his line.

You've seen his great hands in the shootouts? You mean that thing he does EVERY time? pretty nice! But ... I remember dagenais being a hero in shootout too ...

He's not a baddddd player... but he is not 1rst line material either....

you're judging Koivu using double standards...
you know, Tim taylor is a fourth liner, and he'S hurt since last year, but he's still captain

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