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03-16-2008, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by K-PAX View Post
I'm telling the girl who wants to be treated as fair game to grow a pair, junior.
Not my fault that I'm lacking the stupid gene.

Seriously, I started playing girl's sports when I was growing up. But then I had to change to boy's sports. Why? Because it wasn't fair for me to be playing with the girls.

I was on a National team by the time I was 13 and training 6 hours a day. But I was still playing other sports.

Now would it have been fair for my team for me to keep playing? Would it have been fair for the other team for me to keep playing? Would it have been fair for me?

Physically, I was stronger than any of the girls I played with or against. Physically, I was just as strong, or stronger than any of the guys.

Like I said in a previous post on the board:

My dad is 6'1. My mom is 5'11.

I am the shortest of my immediate family at 5'10.

My one brother is 6'5, the other is 6'2 (though he's only 17) and both have size 14 feet.

I only have a size 8 foot, but I am very unporportioned. I have very long legs (35 inch inseam), very short waist and very broad shoulders. In most cases I have to buy XL shirts to fit over my shoulders, and they tend to hang everywhere else. I have to wear XL hockey pants to fit my legs, but I have suspenders so they don't fall down.

When my body fat % was at it's lowest (12%) during the European circuit, my BMI told me that I was morbidly obese. I put on bulk muscle, that's one of the main reasons why my injury was as severe as it is.

Before my injury my fitdex results were:
chinups - palms out - (in two minutes) - 39
bench pull - 151
bench press - 175
300m swim - 4.12
1500m run - 5.08
So, should I have been playing with the girls who were 5 inches shorter than me? Or with the boys who were approximatly the same height as me?

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