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03-16-2008, 12:01 PM
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That's another main reason as to why I keep my hair pulled back and rarely sign my game sheet with my full name, which is REALLY girlie. My game sheet is signed usually "Jesse" or "J" so I don't get hacked at.

Sure, I stand in front of the crease to deflect shots, but do I hack after the whistle? No. Sure, I battle along the boards, but I never check from behind or use my stick to hack or slash. If I get hit, I give it right back.

We had a tournament last weekend and I got called to see if I wanted to play. It was a "B" division game in a contact league. Sure, what the hell right?

Well, second shift, I made an awesome tape to tape drop pass and turned to watch it. Yeah, I got my clock cleaned.

I got up after the cobwebs cleared, took a look at who did it, took a note and went to the bench. I told our guys not to worry about it that I would get him back. So they didn't.

In the middle of the third he caught a suicide pass and I had him lined up. Dropped the shoulder, didn't leave my feet, didn't have my elbow high, and nailed him. Granted, both of us went down, but both teams cheered for the hit. Winded myself but got up and caught up to the play.

After the game when we were shaking hands I had my helmet and cage off (I'm the only one on our team who wears a cage) and the guy goes "Holy ****! Great hit! You nailed me. Sad that I got winded by a girl."

I just grinned and said I'd see him in the finals.

Our team met in the finals and we didn't have any big hits against each other, but I got their team's respect.

"I channeled my inner Morneau, took the stick and hit the mother****** to the moooon!"
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