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05-01-2004, 02:34 PM
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Just a couple of thoughts...

1. I agree with you on Jeff Glass. Definitely a better prospect long-term.

2. I also believe that Mike Green is a dangerous choice even if he falls to 17. Think Daniel Cleary....the comparisons aren't so glaring but I think Green will be one of those guys who'll score when things go well, but fade away when his team needs him to step up. Sorry...we've already got a bunch of those guys.

3. On defense I like Carson or Gordichuk...but with Backman the only really established young offensive defenseman I think Carson would be the better choice. (Of course, I'm probably missing someone in the please remind me who that O-D guy is.) Gordichuk strikes me as a stay-at-home defenseman but not really mean. I'm also intrigued by Schaefer - has size, plays mean, and a touch of offense. Late in the draft, he might be a good pick.

4. The only knock I have on Bartley is his height. We have *so many* players under 6 feet, I'd like to see us go after skilled wingers who are at least 6'1". Part of that is personal preference - I'd rather have my wingers at 6'1" or 6'2" than at 5'9" or 5"10". Don't hold me to this, but I think one of the knocks on him is his skating. If he's an OK skater, it'll kill him as he gets closer to the NHL. You can still learn shooting, passing, and defense as you get older, but if you can't skate by 17 or 18 you're not going to get any better.

Still, great info PB. I'm looking forward to the OHL list.

No promises this time.
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