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03-16-2008, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
I agree with no free pass on icing, but there are two very good reasons to leave the power play maximum at one goal. First, a minor penalty led, AT MOST, to denying a scoring chance, so the goal should clear the penalty. Second, the supposedly more radical alternative to a 2-minute penalty is a penalty shot, and the most you can get on one of those is one goal.
Fair enough, the two together may be too radical. One or the other would be a good start.

Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
First, I think you underestimate the importance of in-game adjustments that teams make.

Secondly, I edit my posts (a bad habit in quick conversations) and replied as well with this:

You can't stop coaching. Putting players in situations where coaching is prohibited is silly to me. You're removing strategy from the game, and frankly if you do what you're speaking of you'll end up in a trapping-friendly NHL again. Every line will have to be able to trap and smother the opposing players, so offense might go up (I doubt it), but it won't be exciting hockey. Do we really want to encourage clamp-down defensive hockey again?
I agree there are in-game adjustments, but seriously, again modern technology. You'll have people watching and helping and if you ban something as simple as outside advise, you'll create all sorts of cheating scandals.

I am not suggesting coaching be stopped, it's just that strategy is so heavily tilted towards defense and has been for about 15 years. Something has to tilt the playing field back towards offense over defense and short of contraction, which no one wants, there isn't much I can see.

This rule idea, while likely to never happen, does make match-ups harder to physically get. That doesn't eliminate coaching, but it does make it a bit harder to always have the top D against the top O.

To me it's the type of minor change that might help, certainly couldn't hurt and wouldn't put a bunch of asterisks in the record books. That said, for all sorts of logistical, it is never going to happen.

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