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03-16-2008, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
Every potential rule change has its plus/minuses..... perhaps there are ways to modify this so that breakaway pass icings don't count towards your total?? .... Perhaps the number has to be played around with a little bit?? Any change should be done slowly and tested at the AHL level first, and this seems to be the NHL has gone in recent years.

For example some have suggested allowing the puck to be played off the netting.... this might keep the play going and could produce some more exciting hockey.... but you have to look at what coaches will be thinking with a change like this too..... Could coaches use it as a defensive strategy?? Ie throw every dump in at the mesh in the corner cause it will cushion the puck and there won't be big bounces off the boards... make the d retreat farther to get the puck??

its give and take and there are no easy solutions, without radically changing the way the game is played.
I hear ya.

I wish they'd use judgement on those delay of game penalties, i.e. if the guy is not under pressure. But if they won't do that, then I think it would be a tough sell for other rules

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