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03-16-2008, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FTowwn View Post

All this talk about scoring more goals and blah blaH, the game is already very entertaining. Changing the size of the nets or again decreasing goalie pad sizes is just plain stupid.
I also like the game the way it is... but as a personal opinion, if they'd really want to open up the game, I'd take away the offsides (keep the blue line) and reinstate the no-two line pass rule, but only apply it for the offensive blue line. This way they'D keep a form of transition, but with the possibility to eliminate trapping with five man in the middle zone, plus good offensive teams will be able to keep the puck longer in the zone being able to cross the blueline without causing an offside. The league will never do that tho, as they are too conservative and this would downgrade their tactic to help less talented teams and produce parity.

Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
Leg pads I agree.... but did you see the Chest protection that Giguere had on last week vs Montreal..... thats a little ridiculous if you ask me.
Yeah it is ridiculous... I've always despised Giggy somewhat because of that... he's one of those goalies that take all his equipment to the limit... HE seems to want to compensate for lack of something...

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