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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
I have a three other suggestion. s

One makes more logical sense out of the game of hockey, and it will surely increase goals and give the skill players more room.

In Soccer, if a team is playing a man down, the rules don't change, the goalies still can't play a pass back with his hands. In minor baseball, if they let you play with 8 men, your pitcher doesn't get a strikeout on only two strikes.....
Those suggestions make no sense to me. They're not about making the game better. Having constant penalty shots or constant icing calls during penalties sounds like a snooze-fest to me. You want to keep the action continuous, not have faceoffs every three seconds and 5 penalty shots during the third period.

Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Once again, we're thinking out of the box here. I haven't necessarily thought these ideas all the way through but let me throw a few out for discussion:

First, we eliminate the AUTOMATIC penalty for delay of game when a puck is shot out of the arena. These situations will be integrated with icings. However, all faceoffs following a needless puck over the glass infraction are in the defensive zone of the offending team......
To me putting the amount of times you can do something is just plain laughable. You really think that a ref won't "forget" that the Rangers are on their 3rd clearing for the game. To me it would just make it more difficult to get into a game.

Scoring is FINE...We've got 40-50 goal scorers in the league, if anything I think we need to stop hamstringing the defense and let the players play.

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