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Hereís a synthesis of two projects of mine. Hereís the data for the third-team all-stars fro 1931-1944. Note that I canít guarantee the accuracy of these results because there was apparently some confusion between LW/RW and LD/RD in those days. Additionally, the newspapers of the era werenít always clear if theyíre showing total votes, or first-team votes only.

No data

C: Joe Primeau

C: Reg ďHooleyĒ Smith
LW: Bun Cook
RW: Tie between Ace Bailey and Jimmy Ward (1 vote each). Blady Northcott (1st team LW) also got a vote.
LD: Iíve already wrote about this before, but Hap Day appears to have been cheated out of a spot. He had more votes than Lionel Conacher, so either there was some funny accounting, or my sources are wrong. Anyway, at the very least, letís give Day credit for a third-team spot.
RD: None; only three right-side defensemen received votes and all made the first or second team.
G: Three-way tie between Tiny Thompson, Lorne Chabot, Roy Worters

C: Reg ďHooleyĒ Smith
LW: Paul Thompson
RW: I donít have the numbers, but it appears that Larry Aurie and Jimmy Ward received some consideration for the second team
D: Earl Seibert and ???
G: My best guess is Tony Thompson, but the voting was pretty unclear. See the Awards & Voting thread.

No data

C: I donít have the actual vote totals, but the newspaper said that Marty Barry, Doc Romnes and Frank Boucher were all close.
LW: The write-up said nobody was even close to Schriner and Thompson
RW: Larry Aurie
G: Mike Karakas

C: Syl Apps
LW: Herbie Lewis
RW: Iím pretty sure itís Jimmy Ward though it might be Johnny Gagnon (depending on how they assign points to first- and second-team votes)
D: Cy Wentworth and Ott Heller
G: Tiny Thompson

C: ??? (but Marty Barry was fourth)
LW: I donít have the numbers but the write-up implies that either Busher Jackson or Sweeney Schriner were close
RW: None. Only two players received RW votes.
D: Red Horner and ???

No data

C: I donít have the numbers, but probably Syl Apps based on the write-up
RW: Probably Gordie Drillon
D: Ott Heller and ???

D: Probably Ebbie Goodfellow and Bingo Kaufman (great name)

C: Possibly Don Grosso
LW: Toe Blake
D: Dit Clapper, Johnny Crawford

RW: Joe Benoit. The voting numbers seem a bit weird for this, though (see the Awards & Voting thread)

RW: Bill Moseinko
D: Flash Hollett

The awards voting was a lot messier in the pre-Original Six era. Obviously, a lot of data is missing. Like I mentioned earlier, there was often a lot of confusion between left and right positions (for wingers and defensemen) and the NHL re-designed their vote-counting process a few times, without always disclosing how they were counting first- and second-team votes. I still think that the vote information is meaningful, but we canít accept it at face value either.

Syl Apps (who already had 5 all-star selections), Tiny Thompson, Jimmy Ward and Hooley Smith all earn two third-team spots.

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