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05-01-2004, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Ottawa Buoy
Puhleeeeze. The guy was on his knees facing the opposite direction. How is a a two handed swing at the back of a guy's head a self-defense gesture?

And when three Clevland Barons rushed him afterwards, noticed he didn't even try to 'defend' himself, opting to turtle like a coward instead? I guess it's not as simple to 'defend yourself' when your opponent is not on his knees with his back turned to you.
You said it yourself, 3 guys rushes you, it ain't no kung-** movie, it's not one after the other, what should he have done? He realized what he had done and realized also that for what he did, he could've expected another player to do the same to him so he protected himself. But he was knocked down alright anyway. But what about what Stanford did to him before, it was also easy for him to slash him several times, even try to slash when Perez was down himself.

Will you ever cry if Marchment get his knee crushed by another player? I will not since he crushed tons of player knees like that before. Stanford slashed him at numeral occasions before that (if you saw the play in his entirety) and Perez did retaliate, he should not have done that but he did anyway.

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