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03-17-2008, 04:59 PM
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Go to a shop and try it all out! Best way to do it.

Stick flex is how much you can bend the stick when you depends on the manufacturer how it's numbered or listed. Best way to figure out a stick is to find a decent shaft and some wood blades so that way you can experiment with curves or if you find a curve you can swap a shaft for something more flexy or stiff. A general guideline to use when getting that first shaft or stick, take your weight and divide it by half. So you would be looking at like a 80 flex or so, and it might be called whip flex if TPS, and as I was saying, it'll differ. A little flexier stick wouldn't hurt if it's roller too since the puck or ball is slightly lighter. So that's why going to a shop would help too.

And don't worry about weight or flashy gear as long as you got something to use or play in. I mean if you notice at drop-in hockey, at least for ice, old timers with their like first generation CCM Tacks are out there owning everyone else!

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