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03-18-2008, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Doctor No View Post
If it isn't obvious to you by reading this thread...goaltenders don't care if you skate in the crease. Goaltenders care if they're interfered with while you do so.
Don't tell me what you know is BS. As a referee, I tell goaltenders nearly every game to leave the forwards alone if they're not interfering with them, and the answer is "but he's in my crease" every time.

Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
respect isnt earned just by putting on the stripes. It is that "holier than thou" attitude that puts most people off refing crews.
In minor hockey, respect is earned just by putting the stripes on. Parents and coaches need to know their roles and teach their kids (players) their roles as well. Their roles are NEVER to go after the young officials calling their games. If they have a problem, it is up to parents and coaches to act like adults and use proper channels to communicate their issues. Those channels are NOT going after the officials.

Just a couple weeks ago as I was getting ready for a game, two 13 year-olds finishing the prior game came into the room and some old guy (I assume a grandparent) tried to follow them in, demanding to know their names, so he could "make sure you get what's coming to you". I had to step in before one of the younger officials buckled under his pressure and tell the old guy to take a hike. He tried to push me out of the way, so I slammed the door in his face. The garbage that goes on in minor hockey arenas across North America is disgusting, and although I won't condone it, it's only a matter of time until an official snaps and decides to return some of that abuse.

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